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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers Video 630-584-7666 Clancy Law Offices has concentrated their practice for years in trying to represent people who have been seriously injured by the negligence of others. Contact the firm in St. Charles or Chicago, Illinois today.

Clancy Law is committed to the idea that the most important asset any law firm can have is the confidence and trust of its clients.

How do we build that trust and confidence? It's simple — maintain integrity and a principled commitment to seeking the truth. Working with investigators, medical, forensic, and engineering experts, we adhere to facts and relentlessly pursue negligent people and companies who cause harm to our personal injury clients. This is not just about money — it's about putting the law to work for people and families so they can begin the process of repairing the damage done to them.

As personal injury lawyers, we never shy away from the truth either. When you call on us for help after you've been injured because of a car accident, or a property owner's negligence or medical malpractice — you can count on us to honestly evaluate the case and discuss the available options with you.

At Clancy Law, the most experienced attorneys won't just meet with you at your initial consultation for the sole purpose of convincing you to hire the law firm. Here, some of the most experienced personal injury attorneys in the state of Illinois will work directly with you from the minute we take your case up through a trial if one is necessary..

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We're Prepared to Go the Extra Mile

Our law firm is part of a more than 100-year-old family tradition of legal service in the Chicago, Illinois, area. That experience has taught us that there is no substitute for personal service — for treating people like members of your own family, not as case numbers. We understand the value of dependability, trust, and going the extra mile when others are depending on you. We won't let you down. Your worries are our worries; there's nothing more to say.

Call our personal injury attorneys at 630-524-4338 or contact us online to learn what we can do for you.

You do not have to pay our law firm any money up front. Our fees are collected as a percentage of any settlement or verdict awarded to our clients. We provide free consultations and language translation services, and we are available for evening and weekend meetings by appointment.

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Verdicts and settlements are the product of a combination of fact, personality, insurance coverage, and timing. As a consequence, it is difficult to gauge the value of one case by comparing it to another. Nevertheless, a proven track record of successful client results is one thing you can consider when choosing a lawyer. Read More>>


Clancy Law is an unusual firm - small and intimate but run by personal injury lawyers with extraordinary experience in courtrooms across Illinois and the country. At CLO, representing the rights of injured people and their relatives is all we do. Read More>>

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